Abundance everywhere

Abundance everywhere – for most of people this is the only empty phrase as their physical reality is not in line with this statement yet.

To confirm this, you need to understand what abundance is and how to be abundant. We all are seeking for something that can be called “endless gratification” – read the page to find more.

The main thing is to really look around with different eyes than by those that are almost blind by the glasses that are provided by current reality that do not necessarily has to be “pink”. It should be seen as endless opportunities that are everywhere around us. You can find it anywhere you look. But you have to prepare yourself for the change that will lead you to what you want – to change your life now that you suppose to be not enough abundant as you think you would like to have it abundant.

There are a lot of anchors that keep you firmly in the state you are now. It can be anything around you (family, friends, liabilities, place you live, …) and as well something in you. When you are not prepared for any change mentally you are supposed to fail soon unless your desire is very strong to bring you firmly forward. Be careful that your strong habits can hold you back to go to something uncomfortable for you – to make action whenever and wherever you would never do it before. It is better to have support in your back to lead you toward your new goal/direction, to remind you that you are strong and able to achieve it. When you learn how to listen to the intuition and go for – you have very strong alien with you.

Everyone who see abundance through money has false objective. Money is just intermediate to feel better when you are on the right way to understand what abundance is and be in line with happiness. It is not the key that will lead you to happiness or endless gratification. There is a process of evolution of yourself that will lead you to happiness and money will be only intermediate for you, not the objective you are seeking for. This is the big mistake of all ones seeking abundance through money and creating variety of affirmations toward money. Money itself is not happiness, it is not equal when you possess big money – you are very happy. Even “rich” people can be unhappy and give incredible amount of money to gain happiness.


It is truly the state of being and spiritual evolution that, and only that leads you to the state where you consider anything around you as positive and that provide you sense of happiness. The state where you see little things that brings your vibrational frequency higher and create in you feeling of happiness. Then and only then when you are able to enter this state, it brings you more and more what makes you happy. You can then feel that you are in the state where any money you can imagine will not provide such state of feeling, simply you feel so good that there is for you no way that you can imagine to bring you to this state through only money.

It is amazing that it is possible. Step by step, keeping on track, swallowing obstacles one by one, considering improving situation, even though negative can still be superior. But one day, you begin to feel improvement. Be thankful, grateful, work on better you, be kind, forgive. Believe it is possible, and it really is.

How to begin: Write your affirmations on the basis where you find true happiness, on what brings you happiness. Imagine it, feel it coming to you, give emotions to this state of happiness. If anything do not go your way do not feel discouraged, continue and believe: next time it will be surely better. The most important is to become conscious of this and in every situation. What is key is to realize that you and others as well do their best at that time, with that means and knowledge they possess. If anything could be done better there, it surely would be done. Good luck!