Human mission

Every human being comes to this world with some target that can be considered as human mission. Those happy one persons that have found their human mission are able to concentrate on fulfillment of this mission. When we take here the consideration of the Universe that is different in appearance and functionality to that Universe we know as endless space with stars and planets- then we can dive more deeper to this topic.

Every human being is here on our planet Earth with some mission that was selected by him before entering this life. There is a lot of evidence of this process and we want to help others that do not found its mission yet to begin to search for. This is very important matter and key for all mankind to find their mission and fulfill it during its life. It is good to remind that time is endless for the soul but limited for human body. It can be here for a very long time but as well not. What we call often fate can be related to fulfillment or not-fulfillment of the mission.

First of all is important when trying to find your mission to stop for some time and analyze where I am, why I am where I am, what and who surrounds me, which direction I am on. As well it is good to realize what strange happened to you in last period, as well with all situations that changed your life significantly. When you put all together you start to build an image of your mosaic.

Second step is when you have found what your mission is or can be then do all to start as soon as possible – this do not mean to leave all. Important is to think on this mission and set partial goals that will lead you toward the goal more easily. You will find after beginning either some help coming from anywhere and as well it can be any barrier that will test your will to succeed on the way to accomplish your mission. Think twice why there are pluses and minuses on the way and get the best of it. Eapein pages will help you! Just find the right chapter.

Second step for those who did not find their mission or at least a contour of it. Do not be scared the goal is there but it will need more searching – “keep your eyes opened”. Once you have awareness of this, it will be much easier to mention all that is bigger than your every day routine even if you are very busy. It is important to let your mind to be quiet and try to let it to be opened to ideas that step by step will push you to something that will appear to be something, that can be strange a bit, but is something different and will try to move you forward – maybe on the direction you do not intent to be “correct” for you in the context of current situation. Stop and think on it, try to either make an attempt to change or just let it be, it will surely appear again, maybe in different way, but be careful, keep your awareness that you search your mission. Be sure that it is improbable that the text with goal will come to you written. Try to use your sensation what attract you and where, being like water trying to find its the easiest way to flow on. It can happen that you already accomplish your goal and just do not know about it.

The most important is to let yourself to be let by intuition and feelings. It can be expressed by your desire, your hidden wishes. Remember that your human mission can be really anything. Good luck !