How to … Earth ?

We love to remind you simple and essential attitudes that often seems to be forgotten
How to do with our native planet:

  1. How to love and be one with the Earth: feel the connection with our home – our planet, be as much as possible in the nature, see beauty around you, breath deeply, use all your senses to feel amazing calmness inside, keep yourself opened to anything that come to you, accept all that is like it is, be in peace.
  2. How to protect the Earth: Be ecological, live in harmony and peace, keep your surrounding environment beautiful, think twice how to handle waste, be sure that less is always the best. Keep others aware of protection of environment, reducing pollution. Browse and look for pleasing pictures that help you to keep in mind what you are protecting.
  3. How to make sustainable development: During our evolution we are continuously expanding, when using resources wisely and carefully we can create much more for everyone. Creation is wonderful process that can be made by simply use of minimum resources involved.
  4. How to treat plants and animals: Everything on the Earth has its purpose and is alive. Take care of them, they are beautiful and have purpose that we possibly can’t see at the first moment when judging them. Take different perspectives before making final judgment – ask for help – help is omnipresent.

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