Healthy body

To have healthy body is the wish of every human on the planet. The truth is different to our wish and more people are in the state far away to healthy body.

How to do it? It is simple! The words that are tough to hear, but how to do it really, most of us are tired, not eating well, most of day in still positions, in stress etc. How to escape from this never ending and worsening state. Today it seems as good health is only for rich people which can afford good food, time for excercise, time to be in nature etc.

So how to do it? The very first is to realize that I am not in the state I want to be. Then find a bit of time to think on what you eat (!food matters!), how you keep your body flexible and what stress you the most. Think on how to eliminate the worst items on the list. Do this list every month and step by step eliminate again the worst items. The think that will help you the most is to have positive mind – to use self talk to perceive yourself that what you do is the best for you and will bring you satisfaction, will solve problems. Anyhow you do not want to hear it but it is you and only you who can change it, your habits keep you on the same track and block you to get out.

Food matters – if you only can eliminate processed food, rafined sugar, palm type oils and fats, glucose-fructose syrup, artificial flavourings, conservants, colorants (E…s). Unless you do not see it, it is tasty when having in the mouth, but then it do not good at all to your body. To have more vegetables, fruits, fresh water is in final not so expensive, and when you intent to taste it exactly as it is, you will step by step change your taste and your body will ask for through the taste that you will be required to obtain. Less spicy and flavouring food will help you to get easily on the level where vegetable and fruits itself will not have fade taste but you will enjoy very fruitful taste. Juicing is very fast and efficient way to stay healthy. The next level is to eat sprouts – vitalizing boost, there is a saying – If you doubt, sprout! Sprouts are very powerful medicin for even incurable diseases.

One of the most important things we can see now is unsatisfactory alimentation of our children. They receive in their beginning of life, when they need the best building material for their bodies to last long time, very poor food, low in nutrition and vitamines, rich on sugar, fat and additives. This have very big impact on their behaviour, increase of obesity and problems that used to be only at adults in past. Junk is for children much more easy to receive than healthy food that they need the most. Children are our investment and we have to be engaged in their good “breed” to give to us happiness and gratitude for best moments when we can enjoy healthy bodies.



Movement – our body was designed to be still in movement. The evolution of civilization, that is still, is much faster than our body can adopt in evolution in time by generations. Every new generation is a bit adopted to changes that occured. In the far past there was enough time for evolution. Today our bodies would need update every 10 of possibly 5 years to adopt easily on evolution. For example for sitting position, eyes for looking at display, fingers to operate touch display, ears for increasing noise, brain for internet speed of data and information and as well digestion for more fast and processed food.

Try to look at your body which parts are the less flexible or even any movement cause problems. Find the best excercise that will suit you the best and start even by several minutes whenever you have a bit of time. The important is to start and find which movements are for you motivating to repeat it. Add further movements and build your own excercise that you can perform whenever possible. Good way is to put it for fixed time during your day to use to have it as habit, as we are creatures of habits, this will work for you.

Positive mind – This is your important assistant on the way to perform changes. Avoid to make every step in this changing way to be linked with award, consider it as integral part of your evolution, use imagination to help you see new you. Let your mind be happy when you do all what was planned, part of it, or even if there was nothing done. Motivate yourself always positively. Good luck!