Gratitude is integral part of feeling good

To be grateful is natural way of response to all good that is flowing to us. Either it is material or immaterial. The simplest manifestation of gratitude is thank you in any form. If you can’t reply to any good you receive say thank you and feel gratitude. To be grateful brings you to feel good and when you feel good it changes your vibration to higher frequencies and above all keep you to be in positive attitude.

Every time there is space to be grateful for. Even for the possibility to be alive, to breath. Take your time and think on all you are grateful for. It is important to realize that all what you have is something that is passing and can be moved or transferred to something else or to someone else. When you understand the universal law of perpetual transmutation of energy you know much better what does it mean to posses things.

When you are grateful for all that surrounds you – you are able to create better and more close relation to all around you. Gratitude is in close relation of feeling love that is the strongest feeling you can have to anyone or anything. Love has the highest vibration frequency. The highest form of love is unconditional love.


Begin anytime, just take a bit of your time to express your gratitude for all good you possess, surrounds you, it can be really anything – something what is more durable or just a nice butterfly passed around you. Make a habit to be grateful several times per day. Or just say thank you to anyone or simply to anything. As all is just vibrating energy you can give thank you to t-shirt that gives you comfort to feel good – really anything – every time there is something to be grateful for. Your life will be better and you begin to evaluate your environment and change attitude to be more positive. You will see soon that your life improved just by being grateful.