Clear your vision

Clear your vision: How to do it?

You can find how to change the direction of your life in the following instructions:

  1. Find a bit of time for yourself in quiet place
  2. Release all from your mind, “disconnect” yourself from the world
  3. Imagine what you really wantto be, to do, to have
  4. If you are lost then begin from the easiest littlest things
  5. Let your fantasy and imagination to flow freely
  6. Eliminate any real views, limitations, barriers, influences
  7. Be free as much as possible, be you, real you, only you
  8. When you have your image what do you want to be/do/have write it down
  9. Look at it again and if it is too far from today insert some steps
  10. Take the easiest and the most achievable think from the list and begin as soon as possible, the only must is that it is doable with some effort and positive to show you that you are able to begin, when it is with at least small benefit that makes you feel good you are on the good way!
  11. Take a bit of time to think on your next step
  12. Let this step to be reminded to you as often as possible, look carefully on what is coming to your head, which ideas come to, what is different around you
  13. Search for ideas and information that will help you to move on
  14. Be positive and feel love – this will help you a lot

This can help you as well to improve your vision to be clear in term of eyesight. For eyes it is good to analyze your vision habits, to exercise and to eat healthier. On the internet there is plenty of hints, but be careful, try to see more of them and look for that which is more suitable for you. Good luck!