In our ordinary life we face from time to time a period where harmony is far, and we live in stress, poor environment and having around others those are negative. When the man is in harmony and physical balance, all is well, and body has capacity to heal and wipe any negative energy that stay in our bodies and make energetic barriers due to that energy can’t flow sufficiently, and organs are in stress. Continuing day by day in this unwanted state produces disease (dis-ease).

Every time when the man feels that something is bad in his body and even body itself often gives signals that something is going wrong, it is time to stop and look what is going on with me and my body. To listen to the body means to take care of what body is telling us. One of the most important affairs of one’s life is to take care of his precious body. The soul needs to be in the body that is healthy and provides all capacity to support the soul to fulfill his eternal goal on this planet within one’s lifetime.

Whenever any unwanted feeling appears or even symptom that is in most cases pain in advanced level of disease, it is time to stop and listen to what is going wrong and where. The attention needs to be given to physical and mental part of ourselves in the same moment. Often physical and mental stress does not have direct appearance in our body and can be found somewhere else, where we would never guess, it can appear. Therefore, it is necessary to begin, when any problem appears, with complete analyze. It is called holistic access and as it is found for example in traditional Chinese medicine, to find what is the root of the problem, not only to try to heal symptoms, like in modern western medicine.

The healing is only effective when you concentrate on the root of the problem. It can be stress from overloading and result of mental stress. It can be an exhaustion of some resources in the body and setting of energetical barriers, then one of organs or part of the body can signal problems. It can be stomach or knees. You try to heal stomach and knees either by something that release pain and troubles, changing food structure for a while, eliminate movement, or simply take some pills that will temporarily help. But the cause remains, stress still make bigger barriers and exhausting more resources. Both stomach and knees do not stop to hurt, but problems are bigger. It is a circle, from that the only escape is through correct understanding of what does really happen with your body and to find the way to heal. Our body has extremely high capacity of self-healing and it heals itself everywhere with never ending effort. We need to understand fully how to help it or better how not to harm it.

The best of all is to stay healthy and fully capacitated to have every time enough power to overcome any stress or harm that is coming to us every day. To do so, we need to take care of ourselves. Eat healthy food full of nutrients, drink enough, exercise and make mental cleaning – meditation, be in touch with the nature. Whenever we miss something of that or have a need to overcome it, the time for correction need to be find as soon as possible by cleaning, supplementation by vitamins, extra exercise, walking in nature, calming meditation etc. The most important is awareness of this all.

How to heal ourselves when we already face some problem. The only way is to stop, really stop and make analyze of what is really going on. The full understanding of all aspects of our current situation and how it affects our body, can only give a reply where to begin with. One of the healing methods that is working well, is to clean our body mentally and physically. But it is not so easy and can bring you worse than better. When you want to clean your body from harm that was collected for a very long time and problems that are quite severe, be careful to make it slowly and under full control. When you release by cleaning process into your body a lot of harmful substances that were stored in your body, you can create so much waste released that it will be pure poison that can even kill you. So, to be careful and make step by step cleaning is the most advisable as well to find some specialist that has experience how to make it and what could be the consequences.

The first when we know the cause of our disease is to cut it or eliminate, depending on our disease stadium, sometimes is enough to make some changes to eliminate cause of problems, sometimes it is time to make big changes. All what is life endangering need to be changed in full and as fast as possible. Often severe diseases are the signals that ask us to dramatically change our life otherwise we will not survive. The belief cures, but we need to help it as well.

The belief to be healthy again is essential. Saying repeatedly yourself during the day: I’m healthy! Is good step, then being grateful for all good you have: I am happy and grateful that …! Then to forgive yourself and others that was not done, not made right way etc. I forgive me and others for …! This all is the first step on the long way to heal yourself.

Healing mental body is possible by being in harmony, to begin to find some time only for yourself, find or create nice place, just to look out of the window, see nice picture, whatever possible, in nature is the best. Be in quiet or listen to calming meditation. Ideally several times per day, quarter or half of an hour or longer if possible. Next step is visualization of your health or healing of some parts of your body, to see yourself already healed, literally running and jumping from the joy that you are again healthy and fully capacitated, you can do your favorite hobby again or whatever pleases you in full. Close your eyes and see it as real as possible, so that you will nearly move your body from that joyful feeling. Practice as much as possible and as long as possible.

Healing physical body is possible by cleaning the waste and filling with nutrients. Your body needs oxygen, nutrients and water. All of it you can get by correct breathing, eating fresh healthy food and drinking pure water. When you are far from that, needs to be done step by step, so that your body can adapt to this new healthy food. Otherwise it can be rejected, and you will not get your result. Often people suffer from insufficiency of nutrients and not from amount of food itself. So, to get back missing nutrients it is needed to support it with vitamins and minerals supplementation with doses exceeding recommended levels that are enough for healthy people. Increase step by step and feel what is going on, if anything is not working for you, simply avoid it and try something else. We are each individual and need individual access, so that your feelings and intuition will stream you where you need, so exact menu is not possible, it is searching for the best, that will suit you.

Special attention is to give to breathing. Breathing of fresh air by deep breaths helps to regenerate body and give it life essence. More oxygen will give more life to our cells. Hand in hand with a lot of pure water cleaning our body intensively and deeply. Begin to breathe deeply and drink a lot of pure water and you will soon become feel better. It is the easiest and in fact cheapest you can do for yourself. Breathing can heal or release stress or pain from the body. Concentrating breathing to some part of our body can help to breath out any problem. When you imagine white light going into problematic parts it can help too. Someone is capable to literally see problematic parts from inside and heal it by this light by erasing black stains.

There’s a lot of possibilities how to heal our body. You can proceed various types of help from other people by bioenergetic healing, correction of energy flow by acupuncture for example, and other forms. But be sure that it is supporting healing, you need to heal yourself, all this help can be only temporary, and problems can repeat after this again and again. Stay healthy!