Energy is omnipresent and infinite for us.
Energy is in a constant state of transmission and transmutation.
Humans have endless energy supply. When knowing how – they do not need to receive energy for its life, they release energy for others.

It is hard to understand above statements without any knowledge behind. This energy is invisible for not experienced person. The easiest way to proof you that this exists and most of us can do it easily is to try following: make several deep breaths, put palms of your hands together and rub your hands for a while until you feel them warm. Separate your hands by about 5-15 cm (2-6 in). You begin to feel an energy, in your hands you can feel tingling. Now try to gently stretch hands out, you still feel it, put them gently back – doing this moving will bring you feeling of magnetism. Like you hold magnets and getting them closer and apart with both positive poles together they naturally pull apart and you feel resistance. This is the first experience with energy. If not done on the first attempt, try again until you will feel it.

Some people are much sensitive and feel it for the first try. Then after some practicing and playing with energy you will find one very important feature and this is that energy is not getting lower when increasing the distance between hands! It can be even stronger. Now try to play with it, feel it on your body, try if someone else will feel your energy. On the internet you can find a lot of related information.

The next level of feeling energy is to see it. This requires the person to tune itself to the energy that he wants to see. First attempts are to see energy in your hands or in surroundings. It requires high concentration and patience to see it for the first time and recognize it is it. You can see at the beginning some glittering on objects and something like aura on living creatures. To see it in colors needs some time of experiencing, it depends on the sensitivity and ability to concentrate to tune to the frequency of what’s energy we want to see. For this is as well to go to internet to find more detailed information or videos.