Forgiving forever

Forgiving forever is one of the most difficult but one of the most liberating actions we can do for ourselves.

Let’s have a look on foregiveness as one of very important matter in our mental life. To forgive is easier to say than to do. When we decide to forgive it releases big load. It is in fact the gift for us. Often what we undergo mentally when someone hurt us is often much worser than the hurting person can imagine and sometimes he does not understand how big wound he did to you. It is in fact relative to both sides.

It is important to consider, and often hardly to find the motive, why someone hurt you. When there is evil intention it is extremely hard to forgive and sometimes forgiveness is replaced by opposite intention to take revenge on him/her for it. It is key to distinguish a case when justified self protection is on the place and how strong it must be. But it never has to overcome the original cause. Be aware not to hurt someone, your protection is not to use forces that are on the same evil level as you have already received.

To protect you efficiently you need to know background in detail as much as possible on this unpleasant situation to react appropriately. Or when investigation makes you much hurt and do not lead to make you feel better, then find your best to make proof that you are better and your qualities are higher to overcome this easily.

Time can be either with us or against us. Time heals all wounds.


All situations are valuable for us and bring us lessons to learn something that will bring us forward. The most valuable lessons are those hurting the most. From every situation we have to take the best, accept it and forgive all.

So how to forgive:

  1. First of all you have to realize that there is something that can help you – forgiveness. It is for you and can stay only for you.
  2. Stop for a while and analyze the situation, cause and motive. For you to better understand what happened.
  3. Protect yourself whenever needed, try to react with consideration, take your time. Prepare yourself for protection if necessary and to take any dirt thrown onto you from you.
  4. Be surrounded with help of someone that know you. He/she can help you to overcome hard times, empathetic friend is priceless. You can receive advice for protection.
  5. Try to forget the worst or better all as fast as possible. Concentrate on beautiful things you like and that bring you back to positive attitude. Read a book, listen to music, don’t be alone with your feeling down.
  6. Do not forget that you are spiritual being and much more valuable and this could be only a lesson to teach you or protect from something even worse.
  7. Decide to forgive and forgive forever. Repeat the process till complete forgiveness replaced all bad feelings. It is healing for you.
  8. It doesn’t mean that you have to say anything to someone that hurt you. You can stop to communicate if you feel it better not to worsen your state. In worser cases it can lead to stop to communicate forever. For smaller issues try to communicate about it with this person to make him/her understand what he did wrong and not to repeat it in the future.
  9. Read the chapter on unconditional love.

Good luck!