Water Day

On 22. March we remind the Water Day


It is good time to consider this important and wonderful resource that belong to our treasures. Look on your attitude toward water and see how you handle it.

Water is a special resource that has its spirit. Water from nature contains a lot of information and positive energy that helps our bodies to be healthy. Water absorbs vibration, minerals and all other substances that is possible to be carried and dissolved.

Look on water as on living substance that you can feel and give you wonderful sensation when you touch it, when it flow down along your body, when you rinse your face. Being in the water and swimming brings to our bodies naturally healthy movements and help it to be flexible.

Today more and more we have to be careful of water resources that we use for our life mainly in the time where there is lack of it. Handle water with care and try to pollute it as less as possible. Consider what you pour into sewage and how you handle the waste in general.

Therefore care of the water and use only what is necessary. In the time of lack think on animals to have a bit of it as well for their life.

Have a beautiful day !

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