Earth Day

We again celebrate our marvelous planet. We are grateful for every moment that we can live in this beautiful place. Lets pray for the best for our planet. Lets take care for it, do all what you can do to keep this planet clean and healthy, reduce signs of our activities, love nature, be happy of all beauty around us. Thank you all !

Earth Day

Today we remain ourselves the Earth Day.

Let’s do something either physically or mentally for our planet – as you would celebrate your the most loved person and give it a nice gift.

Think on how better you can live and be in better harmony with the Earth. Make you a favour and go to the pure nature and let yourself to be surrounded by nature, relax and receive all what is going towards you, let your thoughts to be let out and be united with the Earth. Stay as long as possible to feel the connection. If you are sensitive enough or skilled to make connection, do it and follow what is going on. If you do not feel it, try to imagine beautiful nature all around you, all places in harmony, let yourself to be immersed in imagination.

Physically you can do anything to improve your environment, plant a tree, plant a plant – anything that will last and bring beauty and benefit. You can clean your or any environment, when managing waste take our instructions in mind.

There is a beautiful commemoration of our planet in full colours created as a gift from the Secret – Planet Earth video. Today on Youtube you can find a lot of amazing videos with nature and let your body to launch fantasy and imagination to play and be there, you can set yourselves the feeling as you would be really there. Make this vivid break in your everyday rush and be in harmony – give as well yourself a gift.

Have a wonderful day !

Clear vision

Clear vision is something that helps a lot in the life. It is connected to the ability to see clearly “future” – what you want to achieve or simply where is the direction of the life you conduct.

In the rush and stress we are often in – there is “no” time to stop and begin to realize how to slow down, how to find some time for yourself. Then your vision is in the fog and to find clear picture of what is behind you is not easy at all.

ClearVision1 Clear vision enables you to see with open eyes the beauty and what is important to you. Take a bit of time to clear your vision!

With neat perfect vision you can see much more than you can imagine. Just on the picture above are spruces with cones that are visible with more clear vision or help by magnifying tool – it can be help of anyone who surround you- ask for it! Look for your cones as fruits of the life you can have.


For more please visit: How to clear your vision. For the moment the related page concerns vision towards life not only your eyes.

Have a beautiful day!

Water Day

On 22. March we remind the Water Day


It is good time to consider this important and wonderful resource that belong to our treasures. Look on your attitude toward water and see how you handle it.

Water is a special resource that has its spirit. Water from nature contains a lot of information and positive energy that helps our bodies to be healthy. Water absorbs vibration, minerals and all other substances that is possible to be carried and dissolved.

Look on water as on living substance that you can feel and give you wonderful sensation when you touch it, when it flow down along your body, when you rinse your face. Being in the water and swimming brings to our bodies naturally healthy movements and help it to be flexible.

Today more and more we have to be careful of water resources that we use for our life mainly in the time where there is lack of it. Handle water with care and try to pollute it as less as possible. Consider what you pour into sewage and how you handle the waste in general.

Therefore care of the water and use only what is necessary. In the time of lack think on animals to have a bit of it as well for their life.

Have a beautiful day !

Equinox day

Today 20. March is the equinox day. It can be considered as the beginning of spring or autumn depending the place you live in. Both spring and autumn are beautiful with “sowing” and “reaping”. This is good time to stop and think on well-known phrase “You reap what you sow.”


Look around yourself and see what good is in front of you and as well what is not so good. Try to think on how to improve it – to reap better than expected. Believe in good results and help that will come to you when needed. Look on our page Answers: How to ? where you can find useful hints to begin with.

Have a wonderful day !


Beautiful nature

Look at this beautiful flower rising blossoms at the beginning of spring


Stop for a while and see the beauty around you. You will find a lot, even in small details, it can be anything from nature or simply created by humans. When you are able to see pleasing things you will be able to overcome more easily difficult time.

Have a beautiful day !