Our common aim is to reduce pollution of our planet Earth that we produce by our activity. More and more people are aware of this issue and started to do all possible to reduce pollution. We all can do small things that are in our hands everyday and contribute to global pollution reduction. Even taking care about situation in your surroundings you can change a bit or a lot.

We all want to have clean nature, clean air, clean water. Often a lot of us live in places where access to this clean resources is not so easy. Be aware of your right to essential clean resources. Try to do your best to improve this situation.

Special part of big amount of people that reduce the access to clean air are smokers. They are often not aware of all they do can be done better way and to stop smoking means to bring them more health, more free time, more money, more clean air, reduction of addiction and bad habits. They are not aware that smoke is polluting big volume of air and reducing others to access clean air – the most needed resource at all.