The Earth provide to us several treasures that are priceless!

Keep following riches as pure as possible. Who have access to clean air, fresh water and can be in silence surrounded by nature is undoubtedly the most richest person.

  1. AIR: Gives us life by breathing oxygen. Clean fresh air from nature is the most refreshing sensation that produces strong feeling of oneness when having long deep breath. Correct breathing is one of very important aspect to vital healthy body. For more hints see chapter on breathing.
  2. WATER: Every living creature contains water. Human body is mainly water. Water helps us to be healthy. It is very delicious to drink fresh water directly from virgin nature.
  3. SILENCE: This is specific but more and more valuable especially for those living in bigger civilization complexes. There is never ending background noise even during the night. Day is full of noise from everywhere and become more and more intense. Household appliances are often without noise barriers and designed regardless the noise. To the silence can be added darkness. During the night darkness help our body to relax much more than gloom, night light produces often light pollution that is not good for environment and especially night animals.

Spend wisely those resources, keep them clean and protect them as much as possible- see hints in the chapter of waste and pollution.