Answers: How to ?

In the entire world or better universe there are answers on how to on everything you can just imagine
the only what you have to do is to find what you need – this is today the best skill

when you know how to search for answers – you have already won
for those who need to learn it we are here to help
please find here solutions you seek for

  1. Solve any problem: Firstly when you face any problem, you need some time to think and analyze why-how etc. Then is good to see it from different perspective, different point of view, sometimes is good to take someone to help you either your good friend or just virtually someone who is your favorite person. Every time is good to consider solution that is the best for everyone and with minimum resources involved. The good way is to leave the problem (after analyze) to rest for a while, and start to do something else, positive things are better, after some time you will get into your mind possible solutions or just ideas how to move on, get them, even if they seems silly at the first moment. There is every time something that you should learn, take it as it is, often there is no way to reverse what happened, take the best from it, use forgiveness whenever possible. Believe that help is everywhere.
  2. Have every time good mood: The best you can have is time when you feel simply good by: love, joy, happiness. To get in the state of good mood is simple, you just need to be more aware of the feelings you are in, to realize if they are good or bad to you. When the state, you are now in, is not the one you would like to be in – find simple things that make you happy, feel good- they can be small and silly – that gives you some memories of good time, remain you someone loving or funny. Have still something within you that you can refer to anytime. Remember that there is still something you are worth to and if anything fail, you have yourself and yourself is very powerful.
  3. Develop yourself: Educate yourself continuously, study all what is interesting for you, what brings you forward and helps you expand in your life. What is important is to study yourself to know better who I am. Most people think they know themselves but it is much deeper and related to our inner-self than our outer-self and appearance. To study here means something very different than feeding memory with data and information. It is on learning know-how. Today information are multiplied every moment and when you know where to find them – it is mastery, not to have them in memory.
  4. Forgive to anyone: Forgive in other words – gift for you – is the best way how to reduce negative attitude at any situation that is not easy for us. It can only happen to test our readiness to step in our evolution or to reduce our habitual behavior. It is important to understand that each of us involved in any situation has its own perception to this situation. One can be happy, second neutral, third sad. They all are in the same situation. To forgive all and everything helps to move after bad feeling. The most important is to learn to “stop” and find that I am in the state I do not want to be – to realize this is the most winning part – then when you know it – you can begin to change it – to act with awareness. Learn to “stop” and evaluate the situation you are in.
  5. Believe in yourself: By other words to build self-esteem. We all are wonderful beings that are infinite, if you only understand that we are not only limited by our body, but we are something much more than that. Everyone of us has infinite potential and it is only everyone decision if to use it and how. There are plenty of cases where outsiders made great things. Nothing comes itself, it is necessary to make first step – further steps are much easier. But be sure that you are not alone, all is interconnected. We have to build our self-esteem to feel our strength to move on. Remember that every time there is anyone in worse situation than you are – so you are more lucky than he is, all is relative.
  6. Handle bioenergy correctly : Bioenergy or simply energy is omnipresent and infinite. All is energy vibrating at some frequency. When you understand energy management, you have so much energy that there is no need to take it from anyone. All living creatures have its own energy field. Energy flows infinitely from the space to everyone and everything. Our state of being regulates this flow, when we are feeling bad this flow is reduced and when we feel good this flow is big. Love and harmony helps to multiple stream of energy flowing to us.
  7. Be abundant: This is the most difficult part for those who struggle a lot. The first is to understand that it is possible to make change, there is infinite abundance everywhere and it does not come itself as looking for poor and spreading over them. Only few are able to make deep changes very quickly. To look for a little positive things that we have around us helps us to change negative attitude to positive one. It is necessary to study information which are all around. At the beginning it does not matter which information you listen or watch to unless it is positive. After a while you began to feel the light in the tunnel and you will by chance find more and more valuable information that will lead to begin to change your attitude. Then you are on the good way. Be aware that the journey is challenging adventure where you can be lost for a moment, but keeping on brings you further.

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