Peace easy answers

  1. What is peace? When you feel good, secure, loving, surrounded by beautiful things, living in present moment, thinking on positive things, loved ones etc.
  2. How to be at peace? Look for pleasing things, stop for a while and find in memory nice moments to remind you beautiful things, loved persons, animals, nature.
  3. How to stay in peace? Think positive, have positive attitude, even in case of hard time or expecting hard time, find something that will bring you over this time – keep some talisman, loving piece of anything – you can get back to and know that wonderful time will be here again.
  4. What forgiving is good for? When having negative moments, stop for a while and think on the situation from other perspective, see yourself as those on the other side, they may did not intent to do something bad to you, they may just do not know what you like or don’t like. When you decide to forgive, you give yourself the gift, you stop immediately to think on revenge, think on healing now. Begin to thing on something nice in front of you to forget this as soon as possible. But be careful in case of humiliation – this is time to protect you.
  5. Why to think on peace? When you think on peace on our entire planet Earth you help others struggling at that moment to reduce their struggle. The more people think on peace the better. Next time you can be in bad situation and knowing that you are not alone on our planet will promote in you strong feeling and helps you to overcome that time much easily.
  6. Why to share this information? You are now much stronger when having in mind above knowledge that will help you whenever you need it. When you help others to have this information too, you give them gift that will help you next time.
  7. When is the International Day of Peace? Peace has its own day to celebrate it, all people in this day commemorate peace – 21. September was declared by the UN in 1981.