How we treat them now influence directly our future development and environment.

Children have the incredible learning capacities that have to be used properly and toward our best future development. When we treat child with peace, kindness, understanding, providing him progressive development, is surrounded by universal knowledge – it will definitely grow into strong successful person that will spread peace, kindness, be helpful, concentrate on its goals and produce overall goodness.

Every child must have access to someone who has for him unconditional love. Only then child can grow into strong loving person that provides for his children again unconditional love.

The primary goal of all adults is to create the best environment for children, and learn them the best we can the way which is the best for all of us. Today we miss in modern school system space to teach children kindness, relation to the Earth, Peace, Universe, how to develop their mental faculties, being in reality – practical life and skills – how to – know-how. This key features must replace memorization time that kills real children development.