Earth Day

Today we remain ourselves the Earth Day.

Let’s do something either physically or mentally for our planet – as you would celebrate your the most loved person and give it a nice gift.

Think on how better you can live and be in better harmony with the Earth. Make you a favour and go to the pure nature and let yourself to be surrounded by nature, relax and receive all what is going towards you, let your thoughts to be let out and be united with the Earth. Stay as long as possible to feel the connection. If you are sensitive enough or skilled to make connection, do it and follow what is going on. If you do not feel it, try to imagine beautiful nature all around you, all places in harmony, let yourself to be immersed in imagination.

Physically you can do anything to improve your environment, plant a tree, plant a plant – anything that will last and bring beauty and benefit. You can clean your or any environment, when managing waste take our instructions in mind.

There is a beautiful commemoration of our planet in full colours created as a gift from the Secret – Planet Earth video. Today on Youtube you can find a lot of amazing videos with nature and let your body to launch fantasy and imagination to play and be there, you can set yourselves the feeling as you would be really there. Make this vivid break in your everyday rush and be in harmony – give as well yourself a gift.

Have a wonderful day !

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