Unconditional love

We love to explain unconditional love what is it, how to learn it, how to use it and in fact how to live your life with unconditional love entirely. Please read carefully:

unconditional love

Unconditional love is much more than love itself, is much deeper in meaning. Simply from its name it is love without any conditions = anything that will influence your love relation to the one you consider. It can be person or pet, or any animal, or even literally anything you put in your mind. Let’s use a person for the moment. Everyone can imagine what love is and how deep or shallow one person can love. The deeper you are able to love someone else the easier is to switch to unconditional love – it is step further on.

Very important here is the feeling you have when you feel love. It is a sensation of flow of energy, mutual attraction, blending (communion of souls), exchange one with another, any thoughts on something else are completely suppressed. It can be compared to the state of being stupefied. There can be sexual manifestations but this is something different, comparing to as you can have orgasm without sexual stimulation. By the way sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the universe. If you are full of marvellous sensation, you feel the present – this is deep love.

When you spread deep love to continue to be in total harmony with everything you only can have in you mind regarding the another person, you see his/her body and soul as united with you. Anything he/she does you accept fully, in any good or bad situation with him/her you still feel your love as constant state, you forgive him/her for anything done otherwise than you expected, you are grateful for every moment you are in the presence of this person. Then and only then you are able to enter the state of unconditional love. This all described is not to be blind to any harm that is hardly bearable and has nothing to do with love and humanity!

If only you are in deep love with someone it can be then translated to any other living creature or thing (nature living or inanimate), simply anything in the universe.

ME – myself: Unconditional love to yourself is the first step on the way to have unconditional love to others. It is linked to the relation you have with yourself – if you take yourself (spirit and body) as you are (all you do, your behaviour, your manners, your habits, your body – visage and functionality, all that relates to you and only you – not things you possess). When you love your body and spirit in every moment you can go to further step to love unconditionally those the most closest to you.

The closest around you: It can be your family, pets. To love them is easier as you know them already. In general you accept on them much more than at others,  you overlook then some little or bigger imperfections that would be less or not all acceptable at any other strange person. You welcome their presence, you are of help to them. You feel good close to them. Unconditional love can be compared to the attachment between mother and child.

Other people: You take anyone around you as they are. You do not judge them until you find what they really are. When you are able to have unconditional love, you are in harmony with the universe and you are able to feel energy they emit. In general when you are in this state you easily attract people that are in alike state as you are.

Nature: To love nature is sometimes much easier than to love people. Good relation to nature is good starting point to open your heart to all alive and inanimate, to be in harmony with nature, to feel good with it, simply to be grateful for any simple little thing you can see around you.

Universe: When you feel strong love to people, nature and you are in harmony as well with the Earth, you can spread the love to the whole universe. Then you enter the state of oneness – you are the one with the whole universe. This is real inconditional love.

unconditional love