Endless gratification

Endless gratification is our terminal goal

All of us want to be fully satisfied, having all you just imagine mainly in physical world, endless supply of everything, feeling pleasure in every moment. Most of us have this moments lasting very shortly and rarely.

To get to the state of endless gratification it needs something much more to understand spiritual life in its true essence. Then coming back to our physical world with fully understanding we can have what we want to have – the endless gratification.


Just imagine that everyone on this planet is in this state, our planet is abundant enough to provide this, human beings are equipped to do this. We are part of the infinite Universe – you can imagine for a while the Universe as the iceberg – you as the being with need to breath – you are on the surface above water – this is the physical life. The rest of iceberg under the water which is much bigger – is the spiritual life that has much more to offer – you just need to learn how to access it. Ordinary people just know that there is something under the water and is big – often they did not see it.

There is endless flow of energy that we need to manage properly to serve us for our evolution. We have initially much more energy that we are able to use during our whole ordinary life. We are designed to even release energy and plenty of it. Instead of this there is enormous ignorance in this area that lead to the fight on energy and attempts to take as much energy for himself in contrary to learn how to release energy and help others to do the same. Energy here has much deep meaning than only heat or electricity for example that we can “touch”.

Our final mission is to fully understand universal laws and energy management. Then and only then we are able to use this endless means for our pleasure. We as humans are in the evolution that is very fast now and we are having more and more opportunities to start to learn how to get the information that will lead us to understand this. Even today there is only very few people that know what the Universe is really about – in spiritual meaning. Imagine that someone would speak to you about that – you would immediately not understand what he is speaking about – moreover to catch you immediately to fully understand all what he is speaking about and act as you have this knowledge is not easy at all. Unfortunately it takes “ages” for ordinary people to understand the Universe. There is fortunately power that speed-up this process and we are able to have today better and faster information that help us to enter step by step this train and learn and understand what the Universe is about. Eapein is here to help faster understand all what is it about.

The key is to begin to learn asap. It is not the question of days to understand it, it can take a decade or more – depending on how eager you are to find this information. But seeking every day gives you big progress in time. The belief that it will help you is very key in this process. You can face some difficulties on the way but they can be the phase to test your understanding, to move you further on. It is easy, everything that you face as hard and difficult is just signal that you are on the wrong way. It is necessary to work with your sub-conscious mind to improve and fasten the process. Inside you there are resources of information.

When you fully understand spiritual way of life, the laws of the Universe, the infinity and omnipresence – you will be changed person. The one that presents in physical world very different needs and having endless supply than the person you are now.