Infinite intelligence

Infinite intelligence

Let’s have a look what this really mean and how we can use it. In foreword: today when data and information is multiplied in shorter and shorter period of time there apparently can’t be any human being to be able to “know all”, in the very past any person with access to knowledge was considered as “old” wise man, polymath – anyhow we can call him. In fact it is necessary to have a moment to look at what intelligence is and what it concerns.

Intelligence needs part for “processing” and part of “storage”. The one considered as intelligent can use this two parts very easily and effectively. Every one has capacity to be intelligent but someone is more advanced here than another. This part will be detailed in other pages in short future.

When we come back to intelligence – you simply need data or better information (organized data or data that give sense) and “brain” (processing unit) to work with it in term of thinking. Then there is mind with part of conscious mind and sub-conscious mind that both use thoughts. Then there is “environment” for entering the infinite intelligence.

Infinite intelligence is something different than “storage” of information you can grab anytime you wish. It is source of information more in terms of thoughts and related data. As mentioned the huge volume of information it contains, in fact there is several possibilities how to get information from the infinite intelligence. Information source can be “universal storage”, your sub-conscious mind, another person sub-conscious mind or just “on-line” information put into ether.

You can consider conscious obtaining of information just by asking someone else for help or knowledge, either personally or via internet, it can be simply to leave your question on the blog, discussion forum, chat anywhere. This can be given to you via infinite intelligence that someone will get the idea just thinking on your information request, he can be or can’t be connected by sub-conscious mind – he can just get the information from his sub-conscious mind where it could be stored (as there is all stored) from the past but not used or used for other reason.

The best evidence is to let yourself think on something you need overnight, or just giving it some time, then from “nothing” some idea or thought can raise suddenly or with relation to something else and you will see the flash into your mind – this is it! The infinite intelligence came to you. Or somebody can come to you with the reply and you did not say to him a word about.

Another way is to get in real touch with Infinite intelligence via your sub-conscious mind and in the state of mind that enables you to connect to the universal forces. Those who knows how to connect mostly use this intelligence the very different way than you (who do not know yet how) think. Simply there are not waiting “numbers” for tomorrow’s jackpot for you. It need to be trained. How to do it will be revealed soon.