Read carefully following articles, they are very important!

Waste is inseparable to any life. We input all we need and output what we used and do not need anymore. It is natural. But with increasing civilization we need more than basic needs requires. We create more and more waste everywhere. Therefore handling wastes properly is our obligation to sustainable development.

It is important that the waste we produce do not remain only final state of the waste BUT is continuously treated to serve as new resources. Therefore everyone who produces waste have to think what is its future. Whenever waste separation is possible do it. It is crucial to create new resources and avoid as much as possible waste to be stored in the nature or treated not in line with ecology. Today RECYCLING is more and more important and use evolved techniques that produces materials for further use and reduce further environmental load.

Recycling categories:

  1. Paper – blue
  2. Plastic – yellow
  3. Glass – green or white
  4. Cartons from beverages – orange
  5. Biological waste – brown
  6. Metal (electro) – red
  7. Other (inseparable) – black

Consider that in developed countries today we have plenty of technologies to take all waste and change it back to new or old raw material. To put waste in/on the ground even in specialized places would have to be rare or exceptional. Once in future we will have to open all of this old loads and pay for it considerably more than today to safe our environment as this places are only a question of time to pollute our treasure on the Earth – at least water and air. Please make your best to avoid or at least minimize impact of your waste production. Thank you all for your effort – each effort counts!